Christie vs Morgan Preview (from Posh Productions)

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This match lasts 19:20

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Christie vs Haily Hatred Preview (from Posh Productions)

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This match lasts 14:04

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Chistie vs Fantasia Preview

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Tasha Simone vs Fantasia Preview

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Christie vs Rain Preview

As requested by many, Cherry Bomb Wrestling will now start to release vintage matches. The most requested of all matches is none other than Christie vs. Rain. This match is loved by many because of all of the high impact moves including neck breakers, tornado DDTs, arm drags, and many technical holds such as the crossface, leg scissors, and tons of counter moves!!! This is one match that is never lacking in action!
This match lasts 20:14

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Christie vs Ms. Rachelle Preview

Miss Rachel may have made Nashville her home away from home, but Christie Ricci is determined to send her packing back to the United Kingdom. What starts off as some friendly competition in a pro style wrestling match quickly becomes aggressive and competitive. This is the first Cherry Bomb competitive. If you don’t like seeing girls going hold for hold trying to tap one another out, then you will not like this match.
This match last 15:36

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Christie Ricci vs Amber O’Neil Submission Wars Preview

Christie and Amber have been close friends for years, and they love to catch up on each other’s lives and share wrestling stories. This encounter isn’t as pleasant as the two expect. After a brief friendly greeting, the two girls immediately revert to their competitive roots and challenge one another to a submission wars contest. You will quickly be asking yourself, “friends or foes?” With head butts, full nelsons, boston crabs, bear hugs, figure fours and much more, this match is packed with competitive action….
This match lasts 12:25

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Christie Ricci vs The Man Scout Preview

If you like mixed professional wrestling, then this is the match for you. Christie is no stranger to mixed wrestling, and she prides herself at being one of the toughest independent female wrestlers, but she may have met her match today. Don’t expect to see Christie humiliate this male wrestler! You will see a very technical match with arm locks, chin locks, camel clutches, ankle locks, figure fours and any many more. In addition, one of the wrestlers resorts to hair pulling, punching and other illegal holds. The Man Scout may have too much pride to be humiliated by a woman, but Christie is too tough to go down without a fight…..
The match lasts 10:10

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Tasha Simone vs Amer O’Neil Preview

Amber O’neal and Tasha Simone are an unlikely match up, with very different wrestling styles. Some would say that Amber is a “talker” and Tasha is a “doer.” While Tasha demands respect every time she steps into the ring, Amber isn’t just handing out her respects so easily. Between the body scissors, sleepers, belly attacks, eye rakes, full nelsons and boston crabs, these ladies both fight like champions until the end….
This match lasts 11:30.

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Amber O’Neil vs Fantasia Preview

Christie Ricci has made her first executive decision as Cherry Bomb’s CEO, by strategically arranging a match between Fantasia and Amber O’neal. Christie’s plan is to turn these two friends against each other, and then to choose a side. This match gets physical very quickly as each girl dishes out a barrage of attacks and holds. The match ends as Christie establishes clearly which side she is on.
This match lasts 12:43.

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