Tracy Taylor vs Leilani Preview

Lei Lani starts off strong and smart by attacking Tracy’s left arm with powerful armlocks. A closely matched test of strenght ends up with Leilani kicking Tracy and confining her to a straightjacket hold. Tracy fights back, but only to make Leilani meaner than a junkyard dog. Tracy has probably never encountered such an animalistic opponent. Tracy tries to escape, but Lei Lani chokes, and delivers a barrage of other attacks. Then, suddently, it is Tracy’s turn to give Leilani a taste of her own medecine. Leilani capitalizes on a missed opportunity by Tracy, and gives her a painful bearhug followed by chokes, elbows, and plenty of hairpulling. The Island Girl certainly misses her native Island! Will Tracy be able to dig down deep and pull out the ray of sunshine needed to defeat the Ring Legend?
The match lasts 13:09

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