Christie Ricci vs Brandi Wine Preview

Lenght of the Match :
21: 09
Christie is warming up in the ring by herself when Brandi shows up and starts making fun of Christie. The latter get pissed off and delivers some punches and kicks to Brandi who replies with some hard blows of her own. She stretches her real bad and all Christie can do is begging Brandi to let her go.
Suddently, Christie takes control of the situation and has Brandi screaming in pain with some hard blows to her stomach and chokes applied very tightly. However, it doesn’t take very long before Brandi regains control of the match using all the tricks in the bag, showing Christie the full range of her repertoire and leaving her begging and moaning.
One should never count Christie out but will she be able to turn the tides in her favor?

Christie_Brandi_Clip par cherrybombwrestling

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