Leilani Kai


Leilani Kai began her professional career in 1976 by training with The Fabulous Moolah. She is a former women’s champion for The WWE, NWA, PGWA and The All Japan Women’s ladies champion. She was also a tag team champion for both The WWE and LPWA. She has appeared twice on WrestleMania.


Leilani has made several international tours for the WWE. Wrestling in such countries as Canada, England, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Egypt. She has traveled to Japan on fourty four occassions, each tour lasting over two months. As holder of The All Japan Women’s Pro wrestling championship, she defended the title in The United States, Japan, and Pacific Nations. While working for NWA Mid Atlantic, she made two world tours.


Leilani made her return to the main stream wrestling Scene on March 12, 2003 capturing The NWA ladies world title on NWA:TNA’s ppv broadcast.