About Cherry Bomb Wrestling

 According to Wikipedia, a cherry bomb contains a core of explosive composition which is generally encapsulated inside a paper cup, which in turn is most commonly surrounded by a layer of sawdust infused with a mild adhesive (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherry_bomb).   Our definition of a Cherry Bomb is a little different.  To us, a Cherry Bomb is a strong, independent woman with a core of explosive composition which is generally encapsulated inside a strong built body of muscle and athleticism infused with a little bit of attitude and strong opinions. Our Cherry Bombs are independent professional wrestlers that depict this very meaning, and have traveled the World entertaining millions and inspiring many!



At Cherry Bomb Productions we all have one mission, and that is to bring you the best quality professional wrestling videos from the best independent professional wrestlers on the circuit today while staying true to ourselves and our talents and respecting our “old school” roots of kayfabe.  Which means we do NOT take custom order scripts!   Our wrestlers are not acting out scripts, they are wrestling to their ability, determining their own fate…. “No scripts, just hard hits.”




Cherry Bomb Wrestling is the brainchild of independent professional wrestler, Christie Ricci.  Christie began her professional wrestling career in 2002, after being trained by her childhood idol, Lei Lani Kai.  Christie wanted to create another home for the Wrestlers, and create a company that brought professional wrestling back its “old school” roots.  There are many wrestling production companies in today’s current market, but Christie “wants to find her niche a producer of “real” wrestling matches, that have no scripts, a heel and a baby face, and just good old school action.”


  • Mark Williams

    Christie, I met you in LA doing a custom with Jeanne Basone about four years ago. I know it is not your thing at all, but could I get you to do a custom tickle wrestle match again?

    BTW, Congrats on your daughter and success and welcome back into the wrestling world.

    Thanks, Mark

  • reid

    hi do u guys do custom old school wrestling matches if so where do I email?

  • Don Brown

    I purchased a video yesterday but clicked the wrong one as I had already purchased the same one before. I purchased ChritieRicci_MR and I wanted to purchase was Christie v. Raquel.
    Thank you,
    The CC I used yesterday ended with: 6251–it should be the same one I used before.

    • Admin

      Do you want the match where Raquel is wearing a black outfit?

  • frank

    hi is there any inter gender match you have where christie ricci lifts a guy in a bear hug with big legs around her

    • Admin

      I don’t think so …

  • BG

    There was a match online of Christie Ricci wrestling Velvet Sky and giving her wedgies. The whole match was on YouTube but the video got removed. Is anybody able to upload the whole match?

    • Admin

      I am sorry I have no idea

  • Monchole

    Recently a Christie vs Amanda match was posted for sale. When will it be posted to the members only area?

    • Admin

      Around the 22nd of October.

  • Pasquale,M Rossi

    Hello Christie. I downloaded 2 of your clips last evening. I really enjoyed the one that was Christie doinating Amanda by hitting her in the belly button. I would be interested in doing a custom with a belly button fetish staring Amber O’neal and Amanda Rodriguez. Are both ladies available?

    • Admin

      Thank you very much for your support!
      We are taking your suggestion into consideration. It is too early to say but stay tuned!

  • Greg Spad

    who wins in the video with Ray Lyn and Christy?

    • Admin

      Christy won the low blow match.

  • Richard Martin

    Hi there. Would love to become a member, but because Im from the UK it is not letting me do it, due to payment method?
    Any ideas?

    • Admin

      Please try again paying in us currency. Let me know if it is not working, I have other solutions.

  • Olivia Chapman

    Do you guys do custom matches at all?

    • Admin

      Yes, we do once in awhile. Are you interested in ordering one?

  • Olivia Chapman

    Do you do custom matches at all?

    • Admin

      on January 13th with KC Warfield, Devyn Nicole, Aja Perera, Kiera Hogan and Malibu, plus LT for a male

  • AJ

    Hello Christie! I was just wondering if you did private matches. I’d love to set one up with you in the future.

    • Admin

      Unfortunately, Christie is not doing private sessions anymore.

  • Michaelkilmer

    Werstling bearhug , tombstone piledriver, pilediver ,powerbomb,bellypunch

  • Jim Stevens

    Videos don’t seem to work. I see comments from this year so i assume the site should still be active?

    • Admin

      The Previews are not available for the time being as our YouTube account has been suspended for some reason. However, our videos can be bought with out any problems.

  • Jason

    Hello is Christie still doing boxing customs? Also I haven’t seen a recent picture of Christie in a while, as a fan I would love to see more posts of her on her Facebook.

    • No, not doing boxing customs anymore. Currently out of wrestling due to a knee surgery. Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas!

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