Christie vs Diane Von Hoffman Preview

Diane starts the match on the wrong foot. She gets upset with the referee (BobCat). Then, she takes it on Christie who is on the receiving end all match long (12:43). Diane teaches the younger wrestler a good old school lesson!

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Tracy Taylor vs Josie Preview

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Leilani Kai v Diane Von Hoffman Preview

Two of the greatest old school power houses face each other in an “old school challenge.” Diane and Leilani are no strangers, both ladies have known one other for years, but they have not wrestled each other in quite some time. Leilani extends a challenge to Diane, and Diane quickly takes Leilani up on the offer. Leilani is back and ready to prove to the World, that she is the same hard hitting wrestler and will not let anyone stand in her way, but could Diane be her roadblock?

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Tracy vs. Taeler Preview

Tracy Taylor and Taeler Henderix battle it out for 13:55 in a competitive back and forth match. Both wrestling beauties are determined to win, and stop at nothing to force the other one to submit or to get a quick pin. You will not be disappointed with this wrestling action or the skill of either of these talented wrestlers.

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Christie vs. Josie (Preview)

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Leilani Kai vs.Taeler Hendrix Preview

Taeler has requested a match with one of her childhood idols, and expects nothing less than a lesson in old school brutality.  Leilani is unforgiving in her punishment, but Taeler takes it like a champ, full of heart and soul.  Can Taeler pull out some tricks to defeat the wrestling legend? Or will Leilani Kai demolish the young wrestler?

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Christie Ricci vs. Taeler Hendrix (Preview)

Christie and Taeler meet in the ring for the first time.  In a battle that lasts 14 minutes, Christie toys with Taeler as she tosses Ms. Hendrix around like a rag doll.  Christie underestimates Taeler’s ability, and Taeler finds opportunities to gain control of the match, but will it be enough to defeat Christie?

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LeiLani Kai vs. Josie (Preview)

Return of the Old School Lesson

Lei Lani Kai is back and back with a vengeance.  Josie meets Lei Lani for the first time!  While Lei Lani is someone that Josie grew up watching wrestle and has an insurmountable amount of respect for, Lei Lani is not so eager to meet her enthusiast.  Josie is ready to take on whatever punishment Lei Lani is willing to dish out, and Lei Lani never disappoints with her epic heel qualities in a battle that lasts 11:22.



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New Production

Our next production has just been scheduled for September 29, 2012, and the ladies that are confirmed thus far consist of Amber O’neal, Angel Orsini, and Fantasia.  We will be confirming more wrestlers in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Christie Ricci

Christie Ricci

Ring name(s) Christie Ricci
Billed height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Billed weight 150 lb (68 kg)
Born November 11, 1982(age 29)
Jackson, Mississippi
Resides San Diego, California
Trained by Leilani Kai
Debut June 2002
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